Cup Cakes in 10 Minutes

Cake pops are trendy. Cake pops are cute. Cake pops make a wonderful activity for kids of all ages. They neatly dispose of your cake leftovers, at the same time making your table elegant and exciting.
Ever since Angie Dudley (AKA Bakerella) invented them in 2008, they spread like wildfire. And they are so ridiculously easy to make that I’ve always wondered why people weren’t making them all the time! Finally, I found the answer: laziness! Yes, Auntie Laziness from Russian folk tales who travels all over the world and visits us when least expected. Look, I had this piece of a leikach , some peanut butter, and chocolate frosting – a perfect combination for delicious cake pops, the way I’ve made them with kids so many times, rolled in cocoa powder, chocolate sprinkles, chopped walnuts, and coconut shreds. But Auntie Laziness picked this day to stop by. “Why bother making those balls? – she whispered in my ear,- why spend time rolling them and sticking them on those pesky sticks? It’s going to be eaten anyway, whether you roll, cut, or just dive into it with a big spoon!”“Oh, take a hike, Auntie, – I said, – go bug someone else. We are not even related!” And I went on crumbling the cake, getting it ready to be made into those cute pops. After all, according to https://foodimentary.com, February 1 is a National Cake Pops Day! But she wouldn’t leave! She kept on buzzing, louder and louder, “Everyone is related to me, some closer, some not as much, but listen to me, just this once! Why do you need sprinkles-shminkles, walnuts and stuff? Choose one topping and make it stick!”…to be continued

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